Jack Lee

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Lecturer (H&VM Group Leader )

Current Research

  • Cardiac Perfusion Modelling for Coronary Artery Disease
  • ¬†Perfusion MRI Quantification
  • Coronary Wave Intensity Analysis
  • Microvascular Structure and Function
  • Cardio-Mechanics Modelling and Simulation for Heart Failure
  • Image Derived Quantification of Cardiac Stiffness and Activation
  • Computational Mechanics for Cardiac Applications

Previous Research

  • Coronary Vascular Image Processing and Reconstruction
  • Coronary Autoregulation
  • Single Cell Modelling

Experience & Education

2010-2012 Research Associate, King’s College London


2009-2010 Research Associate, Oxford University


2005-2009 DPhil Candidate, Oxford University 


2000-2004 BEng, University of Auckland